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Corporate Globalization Resistance

East Timor
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East Timor
(Death toll from US-backed Indonesian invasion and occupation 1975-1999: 275,000 or over 1/3 the population)


Killing Hope by William Blum
East Timor 1975 And 200,000 More

Distant Voices by John Pilger
Born in Tears (East Timor)Arms for the Generals [Indonesia]

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchins
East Timor

Rogue States by Noam Chomsky
East Timor Retrospective, Plan Columbia

East Timor: Genocide in Paradise by Matthew Jardine
U.S. Support for Indonesia

Genocide in East Timor: Made in the USA

East Timor: Questions and Answers by Stephen R. Shalom, Noam Chomsky, and Michael Albert

Ending 20 Years of Occupation: East Timor and U.S. Foreign Policy

How The New York Times Protects Indonesian Terror In East Timor

New Exception to the Rulers, Part 2 by Amy Goodman

APEC, the United States & East Timor

Accomplices to Terror

US Complicity in Timor

End The Atrocity in East Timor by Noam Chomsky


Australia's Oil Grab (East Timor)

Taming the "Banana Republic: The United States in East Timor


Death of a Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy