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Corporate Globalization Resistance

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(Death toll from U.S.-backed Pinochet coup and 17 year rule 1973-1990: 30,000)


Chile's Arrest of Pinochet and the Condor Killers in the US

Killing Hope by William Blum: Chile 1964-1973

Secrets, Lies, and Democracy by Noam Chomsky: Chile

After Pinochet, Prosecute Kissinger

U.S. In Chile

How The CIA Took Aim At Allende

Declassified documents reveal the US government's role in the Pinochet Coup

How We Destroy The Oldest Democracy In South America And Turn A Peace Loving Nation Into A Slaughterhouse

Allende's Leftist Regime

Remembering Allende

Virtual Truth Commision Report on Chile

Pinochet, Stripped

Accountability on Chile

Lessons of a Catastrophe [Chile]

The Pinochet Case

Chile Declassified


Invisible Hand and Iron Fist: Pinochet and Chile

Is Chile a Neoliberal Success?

Chile and Neoliberalism



Sept. 11, 1973: A CIA-backed Military Coup Overthrows Salvador Allende, the Democratically Elected President of Chile

"The Trials of Henry Kissinger": As the Former Secretary of State Faces Possible Extradition to Chile for His Role in the 1973 Coup, a New Film Provides Fresh Evidence of War Crimes