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Corporate Globalization Resistance

Links and Resources
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by Global Exchange

Stop CAFTA Coalition
The national Stop CAFTA coalition has assembled an easy to use website with resources on lobbying, creative actions and local organizing contacts. If there were a one-stop shop for the latest in CAFTA organizing this is it.
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch
Public Citizen has been a leader on every trade fight in Congress for the last ten years. Visit Public Citizen’s CAFTA section and find out how you can protect your town and state from privatization the erosion of democracy on the state and local level by this new corporate assault.
Citizens Trade Campaign
Citizen's Trade Campaign is an alliance of trade unions, environmental organizations, churches, and farmers working for socially and environmentally sustainable trade policy. They have state coalitions across the U.S. - check their website to see if there is one in your community!
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
CISPES works in solidarity with the FMLN and the Salvadorian social justice movement to confront the injustice of corporate globalization in El Salvador. CISPES was instrumental in launching the international campaign against CAFTA.
Witness for Peace
Download a “People’s Consultation Ballot” from Witness for Peace. Two versions are available for you to customize and adapt for your local organizing. Distribute them in your community or bring a box of signed ballots to the offices of your Member of Congress.
Alliance for Responsible Trade
The Alliance for Responsible Trade is the coalition representing the U.S. in the Hemispheric Social Alliance. Their website includes extensive information on the Free Trade Area of the Americas, CAFTA, and the Andean Free Trade Agreement.
Quest for Peace
Quest for peace has an amazing page of links on CAFTA including talking points and lobbying materials for use in your meetings with members of Congress. Visit their site and download a lobbying packet today!
The AFL-CIO is mobilizing the labor ground forces in opposition to the CAFTA agreement and the rest of the free trade agenda. Check their resources here.
US/LEAP is an independent non-profit organization that supports economic justice and basic rights for workers in Central America, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Mexico. Read their report on CAFTA at their website.
Campaign for Labor Rights
The Campaign for Labor Rights works to promote economic and social justice by campaigning to end labor rights violations around the world. Read their fact sheet on CAFTA and labor rights in Central America as well as other resources on trade and global sweatshops.
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)
The Washington Office on Latin America offers up a forecast of the likely impacts of CAFTA for people in Central America along with some alternative strategies on how trade might better support development in the countries involved.
United for a Fair Economy
United for a Fair Economy has Spanish language materials for organizing against CAFTA available on the web.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
CAFTA agricultural provisions would undermine farmers rights and give new powers to corporate agribusiness, according to this new report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch takes a stand against weak labor provisions in CAFTA that would lead to an explosion of sweatshop abuses throughout Central America.
The US goverment agency responsible for negotiating CAFTA and other trade agreements. Download the full text of the agreement courtesy of the USTR.
Download the full text of the agreement in one big PDF courtesy of