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Corporate Globalization Resistance

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(Death toll from U.S. attempted coup and assassination of Sukarno 1958: several hundered)
(Death toll from U.S.-backed coup of Suharto and the follow politicide of the Indonesian Communist Party 1965-1967: 1 million)

1670-1900 - Dutch colonists bring the whole of Indonesia under one government as the Dutch East Indies.
1928 - A youth conference pledges to work for "one nation, one language, one people" for Indonesia.

1942 - Japan invades Dutch East Indies.

1945 - The Japanese help independence leader Sukarno return from internal exile and declare independence.

1949 - The Dutch recognise Indonesian independence after four years of guerrilla warfare.

1950s - Maluku (Moluccas) declares independence from Indonesia and fights an unsuccessful separatist war.

Subversion As U.S. Foreign Policy: The Secret Eisenhower and Dulles Debacle In Indonesia

Clandestine US Operations: Indonesia 1958, Operation "Haik"

Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War

Killing Hope: Indonesia 1957-1958 War and Pornography

1958: The First CIA Attempt

1962 - The Dutch agree to transfer West Papua to Indonesia after a period of UN administration.

Suharto comes to power

1965 - Failed coup: In the aftermath, hundreds of thousands of suspected Communists are killed in a purge of leftists which descends into vigilantism.

Indonesia 1965: The Second Greatest Crime of the Century

US officials provided Indonesian military with death lists

Ex-agents say CIA compiled death lists for Indonesians

State Historians Conclude U.S. Passed Names of Communists to Indonesian Army

Ghosts Of A Genocide: The CIA, Suharto And Terrorist Culture

Suharto and Western Complicity
The Mass Killings In Indonesia: 40 Years Later

1966 - Sukarno hands over emergency powers to General Suharto, who becomes president in March 1967.