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Corporate Globalization Resistance

Corporate Slavery
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By Mike Schelstrate

For centuries, the ruling elite worldwide have struggled with determining the optimal method of obtaining necessary labor from the lower classes at the least cost in order to increase their power and profits. In the era of European royalty, the peasants provided the labor required to maintain the economy.

The peasants regularly worked until they were exhausted, were not allowed to own property, and received wages barely sufficient to feed their families. This method of generating wealth was not successful because the oppression perennially generated uprisings against the rulers. The nineteenth century brought constitutional forms of government to Western Europe. The illusion of freedom created by elections decreased the desire of the people to revolt against tyranny. As the middle class emerged, and eventually became prevalent due to the demands for just compensation and labor unions, the elite rulers and business magnates continued their search for new sources of cheap labor.

One result of this search was imposing slavery on races not as advanced as those of “Civilized” nations. Most notably, African peoples were conscripted to provide cheap labor for the plantations and sweatshops. Slave trading became a profitable business. The number of slaves owned calculated Plantation wealth. Eventually, the greedy landowners discovered that the requirement to provide food, shelter, and housing for slaves and their families was cost prohibitive. The Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 ended slavery in the United States. The result of the abolition of slavery was that the plantation owners were able to procure labor at slave wages without the need to provide complete sustenance for the laborers and their families. The former slaves and their families were relegated to living in shacks and left to fend for themselves.

The Industrial Revolution brought new challenges for procuring labor. The film “Gangs of New York“ portrayed a sample of the standard of living imposed on the working class by the new American ruling class. Another example is the mining towns that cropped up during this era. These were towns owned and operated by the mine owners. The inhabitants were basically indentured servants trapped by their interminable debt to the company for the necessities of life. Slave labor had moved from the plantations to city slums, and their standard of living may have been even worse than when they had been in slavery.

In the twentieth century, Communism emerged as the latest method of indenturing the masses. This philosophy was cloaked in the deception that the proletariat controlled the economy, and everyone shared in the wealth equally. This theory of course was totally false.  Communist countries quickly generated a ruling and a working class, and the resultant standard of living for the proletariats was not much different that that of the peasants or slaves of previous times. Oppression and tyranny quickly followed to control the workers.

Capitalism and Corporations have devised a new method of slavery under the guise of the free market system. We are led to believe that we live in a free economy, and have the right to choose both our profession and employer. If you examine how our economy really works, you will find that corporations in a capitalistic society are not very different from the slave owners of the earlier generations. The social level we are born into generally dictates our profession and opportunities for employment. In fact, I believe that corporate employment is no more than a new method of slavery that is even more profitable for the ruling class. I heard a quote recently from Chairman Mao of China that stated, “Capitalism is the highest form of Communism”. We have been duped by propaganda into believing that we have economic freedom, when this is actually far from the truth.

For a short period after the Second World War, the middle class in the United States made great gains in their standard of living. The heydays of the fifties and sixties were paragons of the success of the middle class and control over the greed of the corporations. Unions guaranteed the fair treatment of employees. Corporations offer pension plans, full medical insurance, and many other benefits. This rewarding environment was accompanied by large rises in productivity by satisfied employees that guaranteed the competitiveness of our industries.

By examining how employment is currently controlled by the International Corporations, you will discover that we now live under the semblance of free enterprise. As entrepreneurs create new markets, the corporations seize the best performing small businesses, purchase controlling interest, and transform these enterprises into subsidiaries of major corporations to meet their level of mercenary and unfeeling employment standards. Small business is the last bastion of free enterprise left in this country. These opportunities are quickly fading due to the restriction of capital and lack of free markets. Over many years in the work force, I have detected a definite pattern to this progression. History is replete with examples of a new market created by entrepreneurs willing to gamble everything for success, only to be swallowed up by major corporations, with the former executives being the only recipients of just compensation for their efforts. The corporations them impose their guidelines on these companies, which commonly consist of layoffs without regard to seniority or performance, but are usually calculated by cost alone with total disregard for employee rights. They force employees to sign away all of their rights, and invade the privacy of employees by conducting intensive background and credit checks. Corporate executives are not satisfied until all employees are completely conditioned to accept all unfair measures dictated by management without question.

Unfortunately, the Corporations have been able to corrupt our government representatives to an extent where these increases in the standard of living no longer exist. Government regulations and sweetheart deals with major corporate campaign contributors are  eroding the quality of life of the average American. The ruling class has emerged once again. The average salary of CEO’s in America is three times that of any other country. If the Unions are too strong, or the production costs too high, the Globalists close down the factories and move them overseas where the employees are paid slave wages. Globalization is the embodiment of Corporations enhancing their profits. Transferring labor-intensive industries to countries where they are able to procure labor at a fraction of the cost by bribing the corrupt government officials is the major goal of globalization, which is actually another name for imperialism. Purchasing goods from countries that rely on sweatshops to produce the goods does not generate positive results for the average consumer in the long run.

The fine art of propaganda and the enhanced ability to control the economy allows the major corporations to fine-tune their methodology for lowering our standard of living and converting us into virtual slaves. Most of the population feels that they are free when actually they are indentured to their jobs. Without regular paychecks, most people will be destitute in a matter of weeks. This means that they are willing to do whatever necessary to continue receiving their salary. Easy credit and commercialism by the media have created a society of mindless automatons that slave away at their jobs all week just to go out to Target or Wal-Mart and spend their hard-earned wages on useless gadgets they have been conned into purchasing by media advertising. This is not freedom. Every time I watch or listen to the news, I discover stories about how United Airlines is forcing their Unions to grant concessions in order to continue operating, or General Electric has laid off another few thousand employees, or Bethlehem Steel is eliminating their pension Plan benefits to their retired employees. This duplicity is so transparent I do not understand why the public does not understand what is being done to them. Each corrupt act of further degradation of the American worker is bringing us one-step closer to becoming a third world country similar to Mexico, which is the true plan of the Globalists.

For a short period during the late nineties, the economy was strong enough to lower the employment rate to a point where skilled workers were actually beginning to increase their standard of living. Well, the Globalists could not have that. Alan Greenspan succeeded in smashing this growth by imposing interest rate increases and shrinking the money supply to the point where all growth came to a screeching halt. The Corporations had already successfully shut down manufacturing and eviscerated the Unions to the point where they had no actual power. Now they decided to impose this same control over the emerging services and skilled workers. They implemented this measure by controlling the economy to the point where jobs once again have become scarce. Wages and benefits are decreasing, and hours worked and productivity are increasing. This directly translated into higher profits for the poor corporations that have been having such a hard time making billions for their corrupt shareholders. I find it unbelievable that they are able to bamboozle the public into believing these obvious lies!

Additional steps to rob the wealth of Americans are being taken by the Globalists. Corporate scandals like Enron fill the pages of the Wall Street Journal. These events always end up with the employees paying the price. This can be losing their live savings in a 401K, or their “guaranteed” pension. One of the recent scams is the real estate refinancing boom. People are taking equity out of their homes and spending it to maintain their lifestyle. Alan Greenspan testified recently that home refinancing is keeping the economy out of recession. What are these people going to do when they lose their jobs by “Corporate Downsizing”, and discover that they no longer have any equity in their homes when the real estate bubble pops? Then the major corporations will repossess their homes for pennies on the dollar, and the former owners will be left penniless and homeless. This is a crime against humanity!

Americans need to wake up to this flagrant display of contempt for the working class. Corporations are assuming control over every aspect of our lives. If we do not stop this corporate tyranny soon, we all will be owned body and soul by the same corporations that are taking over our government.